Useful Links

useful links franck vet

Here are some useful links that will certainly help you in your search for information.
You will find associations, organizations, SPCAs and more.
Do not hesitate to contact me to submit other links that could be useful to others.
Or simply write them in the comment section at the bottom.


Professional order that protects the public and the practice of veterinary medicine in Quebec.


Faculté de médecine vétérinaire – Université de Montréal

Veterinary school located in St-Hyacinthe, also a research center, containing several veterinary hospitals for a wide variety of animal species.


AMVQ – Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec en pratique des petits animaux

Association of Quebec veterinary physicians (AMVQ) in small animal practice.


Association des médecins vétérinaires praticiens du Québec

Association of Quebec veterinarians in production animal practice.

CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection AgencyThis agency ensures food safety, animal health and plant protection in Canada.

Organization working on the rehabilitation of birds of prey


NASPHV – Psittacosis and Chlamydiosis

This link gives detailed information on chlamydophilosis in birds. 


SPCA Montreal

You wish to adopt an animal? Think of the animal shelters.


American Kennel Club

If you want to know more about dog breeds, this site has a great list.

To help find the lost parrots.

A good site for general information about rabbits.


World Animal Protection | Move the world to protect animals International

Global animal welfare organization.



American organization for the protection of animals, and also containing several interesting information.


Accueil | ANIMA-Québec

National Association of Intervention for the Welfare of Animals.


Accueil: OIE – World Organisation for Animal Health

World Organization for Animal Health


AAHA | American Animal Hospital Association

American organization that covers a wide range of interesting topics


AAFP | American Association of Feline Practitioners

Association of feline veterinarians, many interesting resources

Association of Canadian veterinarians

American organization that helps educate and adopt rabbit owners

Independent organization working to raise awareness of parasites in animals