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The Complete Dog Diarrhea Guide

If you’ve ever had a dog, I’m sure you’ve probably had a diarrhea problem too. It’s almost a guarantee! Indeed, this problem of the digestive system is certainly among the most common reasons for consultations.  So Dr. Franck, why is it so common and what can you do when your dog has diarrhea? As is […]

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

In these short articles, let’s call them Vet-Express, we will address topics that do not need much explanation. Hence, in this case, the question is simply: Dr. Franck, how long is my dog’s gestation/pregnancy period? The answer is probably a bit variable, although generally we talk about a duration of 58 to 65 days1 , although […]

I Have A Fat Dog: What Can I Do?

Like many people in North America, there are also many dogs that are overweight. When this excess weight gets out of control, it is called obesity. And although talking about weight can sometimes be taboo, the fact remains that it is one of the most important criteria in the health of your pet. Did you […]