The Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Okay, I’ll admit it right from the start: this article is definitely the least catchy of this site! And yet, it is crucial to the understanding of a veterinarian’s work with his patient, while having the full cooperation of the client/pet owner. In short, read the following carefully! So as we’ve said, this relationship is […]

Deworming Cats – Everything You Need To Know

Before we talk about deworming cats (and dewormers), we’ll start with a brief introduction to parasites… First of all, let’s be clear: nobody likes to hear the word ‘parasite’. It doesn’t sound very good, does it? And yet, parasites must have existed for as long as there have been living beings on this planet… In […]

Hamster: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

That’s it, you’ve made your choice on your next pet: the hamster! So before making this purchase/adoption, take the time to be a better pet owner… Don’t stay in the unknown and dive into the following article to learn more. Here are several facts that explain why the hamster is a good companion (or not) […]