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A Discussion With An Animal Therapist

For this article, we have the opportunity to chat with an animal therapist, also called a pet therapy practitioner, and an experienced animal health technician. Her name is Mélissa Patenaude-Monette 🙂 We hope you’ll love the interview. *** Hi Mélissa, thanks for joining us to help us find out more about this branch of animal […]

Online Pharmacies: Legal or Not?

Dr. Franck, I would like to buy medication for my dog online but I don’t know where to start. The purchase of products and medications for animals has exploded in the last few years. However, I suggest you be really careful. You’re not going to buy supplies to renovate your kitchen! Online pharmacies can provide […]

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

In these short articles, let’s call them Vet-Express, we will address topics that do not need much explanation. Hence, in this case, the question is simply: Dr. Franck, how long is my dog’s gestation/pregnancy period? The answer is probably a bit variable, although generally we talk about a duration of 58 to 65 days1 , although […]

Specialists In Veterinary Medicine

General veterinarians are well-known to the public.  People who have had an animal in their home have used their services.  Then there are also those who are called ‘specialists’ and their role is sometimes less well understood. I have often seen pet owners who were totally unaware of their existence! It will not be possible […]

I Have A Fat Dog: What Can I Do?

Like many people in North America, there are also many dogs that are overweight. When this excess weight gets out of control, it is called obesity. And although talking about weight can sometimes be taboo, the fact remains that it is one of the most important criteria in the health of your pet. Did you […]